Please Donat to Orphan!

I would like to take your busy time to read what happen in my life, Okay?

For my self right now I am running the Orphanage name Mlop , Mlop is the place where many people want to go when they feel hot, you been? Yes why I name this orphanage Mlop ? because I knew that there are many children were lifted by their parents in many reason, some because the parents poor, Divorced, Died, Sick, not take responsibility, having by accidents……., that why Mlop were born for those babies, Ask your self what can you do to be part of those Kids?
As now my self with another UK lady name Dicta she really having compassion, for this great project.

Q: You may ask the question what will Mlop do for these Kids? Yes you asking the right and directly question to Mlop, Mlop happy to let you know that.
A. as i wrote at the beginning that we all need the shadow and safety place when we feel hot or unhappy……
What Mlop will do is to raise them with the special career persons we call them nannies, we give the baby food, sweet, milk, cloths, toy, books, listen the music, good beds, good environments, love, care, treat them best care.
Q: why we do all these things?
A: Did you ever lose your slipper or cloths? what died you feel by than, and what you want to deal? What about if someone loose parents or the person that you really love? I been and am really don want it happen again, I pray it may not happen to you!!!

Friends! Honestly I love the babies in any condition, but the most is who abandon by parents were.

Please contact to me if you want to be part of the Mlop Orphanage!!! We are waiting for you to visit or any kind of donations you want to offer to these babies.

Mlop wish you all the best

Laing Pheakdey
012 866 163


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