Alcohol Uses Increase Among Cambodian

by: Vutha

Drinking beer and alcohol is going up amongst Cambodian citizens in Cambodia, seemly to be a big heaven and market of alcohol in the region. The increase in the number of beer users is because of the great number of entertainment clubs, beer gardens, and different places for drinking in Phnom Penh and provinces.

According to the survey by the Cambodian Center for Peace and Development Organization, the abuse of alcohol among 1,400 Cambodian citizens was interviewed in seven provinces in late 2008, 58% of those interviewed, aged between 18 and 25, are addicted to alcohol.

“It also found that among alcohol abusers, 41% like drinking white rice wine produced in the country, 37% like drinking beer of different brands, 13% like medical wines [alcohol mixed with different herbs or animals, like snake], and 5% like whisky – produced locally or imported. However, this study did not note how much they drank per day, and which different types of alcohol was imported,” according to report.

The public advertisement of all types of beer have been made in public places and aired on television and radios. In addition, children, under 18 ages, are able to buy a can of beer or wine in supermarket or street stores. The government should take strict measure to stop alcohol ads, including television, radio and public places, and should prohibit children underage to freely purchase alcohol in public place.


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